Month: March 2017


We are producers with a broad experience Experts in the creative process, but also in market research and business development. We are experienced professionals who have qualified themselves working for multinationals. But we are also entrepreneurs who know what it is like to build a startup. We have worked in many domains, such as NGOs,

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im.Gismo by DAGacht

i’m a new and innovative, connectable dog-walking device. My all-in-one ergonomic design holds any dog leash and allows you to walk your dog more comfortably. You can customize me by adding any of my connectables. You see, I hold everything you need to free your hands. Let me show you how…   Dog Gone Smart

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Long2Touch by DAGacht

DAGacht has successfully developed and patented a series of nail formulas that make regular nail gel and nail polish conductive. Why, you ask? So that your long nails can be used to operate touch screens. No more thumbling while operating your phone or tablet. Check out for the full story.

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